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Acceptable Use Policy


The North Rockland Central School District is committed to the goal of having electronic network facilities used in a responsible, efficient, and legal manner.The district provides access to all students and faculty unless there has been a request, in writing, that access be denied.In accordance with state and federal policies, the district uses software to filter inappropriate content.The district recognizes however, that no such system is foolproof.


All users acknowledge their understanding of the general policy as a condition of receiving use of a District Account or using the network facilities.


Acceptable use of telecommunications includes activities which support teaching and learning.Use of eChalk should be for assignments or research for school-related activities or courses.As with other school publications, student information may appear in online documents such as press releases.


When using eChalk:

        You are entirely responsible for activities conducted through your eChalk account.

        You will not use your eChalk account to:

o       Transmit or cause the transmission of any harassing, threatening, or otherwise abusive messages, data or information

o       Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional or marketing materials

        You will not violate any privacy rights or rights of publicity of any person, including:

o       Plagiarism

o       Using profanity, obscenity or language which may be offensive to other users

o       Re-posting communications without the authorís prior consent

o       Copying software in violation of copyright law

        You will not attempt or assist others in attempting to compromise the security or integrity of your schoolís eChalk system, including, but not limited to:

o       Using the Network for profit, commercial or illegal activity

o       Developing or spreading computer viruses

        Violations of this Acceptable Use Policy may result in the termination of all privileges relating to the use of your schoolís eChalk system.



District staff will teach proper techniques and standards for participation, for guiding student access to appropriate sections of the network, and for making sure that students understand that if they misuse the network, they may lose use of their telecommunication privileges.The system administrators reserve the right to monitor email.Network accounts will be good for the duration of a users presence in the school district.The person using the account is responsible for its proper use.A user should not tell anyone his/her password, as doing so will give that person access to the account.


Revised 7/2/02

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